Saturday, August 21, 2010

Lollapalooza Day 2

We strolled through the Lollapalooza gates on Saturday only stopping momentarily to greet the protesters wielding "Women should not be allowed to vote" signs...reflect on that...and into a wooded enclave where the Morning Benders were already mystifying the crowd. Grizzly Bear's Chris Taylor produced the Morning Benders' new album Big Echo (which features one of the year's best songs in "Excuses") and it is very evident that they have picked up a few new tricks.

"This next song's real good," deadpanned the Soft Pack singer Matt Lamkin. The Soft Pack is definitely one of my favorite break through acts of 2010. Their raw, straight forward rock sound has been described as if the Strokes were from California. Aside from songs "Answer to Yourself" and "Pull Out" the highlight of the set may have been taking a picture with a kid who had on a #2 Larry Johnson jersey that matched my #1 Muggsy Bogues Charlotte Hornets jersey. Nice!

The Soft Pack 'Answer to Yourself' from Felipe Lima on Vimeo.

Wild Beasts on the opposite side were an incredible surprise and featured a dramatic falsetto, calculated guitar work, and beautiful compositions under the mid day cloudy skies. I am currently hypnotized by their album Two Dancers. Had the clouds stuck around for the next set it would have been perfect, but the gentle moodiness of the XX contrasted with the surroundings resulting in a "just pretty good" performance.

Grizzly Bear's set was pitch perfect as they never cease to amaze. Songs like "Ready, Able," "Cheerleader," and "Little Brother" were standouts. I could have sworn that they played a new song or even a cover, but I could have been mistaken.

We met some new friends hanging out before Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes, and reached the perfect level of inebriation required for a hippie rumpus. The place was packed with devotees set for a celebration and the band did not disappoint. Dancing through jangly tune after jangly tune, the cult-esque collective showed why they are this year's festival must-see band.

Our euphoria lasted well into the night as Phoenix capped off a wonderful day under the city lights.

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